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SPG Takes ‘Tweaking’ To A New Level 

 Sellinger’s Power Golf recently invested in state-of-the-art technology that ensures the most exact specifications offered in the industry. Just like top long drive professionals, including World Champions Jamie Sadlowski and Bobby Wilson, SPG customers can tweak their drivers (and irons) to exact tolerances.

SPG will assemble your arsenal with specifications within .25 degrees of loft. As precise as PGA Tour players. And whether your lie preference is one or two degrees upright to promote a power draw or one or two degrees flat to promote a power fade, SPG has digital bending equipment that fits you to a tee. 

For power and precision, as well as optimal performance, turn to SPG, your personal tour van. 

    • SPG also offers two locations in Texas and full service E-commerce store
    • Exclusive Worldwide dealer for the Callaway Golf LD series of Drivers
    • Exclusive Worldwide dealer for the Adams Golf LD series of Drivers
    • A full lineup of both pro-line equipment and long drive components
    • Big selection of the latest in training aids
    • Every custom shaft and grip on the market (and some that aren’t)
    • Trackman, Vector and Max Out Golf systems – The latest in launch monitor technology
    • SST PURE Shaft Alignment System “Every shaft has a sweet spot”
    • Custom Hot Melting – Specify head gram weight
    • Scotty Cameron Studio Club. One of the largest collections of Cameron gear anywhere.
    • Want a pro-line head with an exotic shaft? We can do it. Custom drivers are our specialty

 Looking for hard-to-get tour issued equipment? We can get it.  Call us! 

 Have Questions? Need Advice? 682-549-2102 or spgmanager@longdrivers.com


Sellinger’s Power Golf is a one-stop shop for all your power golf needs. Two-Time National Long Drive Champion and Long Drivers of America Owner and CEO Art Sellinger heads an experienced team that works closely with customers to maximize their power potential.

Members of the SPG professional staff have built and tweaked equipment for prominent players on the PGA Tour, LPGA Tour, Champions Tour, Nationwide Tour and numerous mini tours. SPG is also the builder of choice for World Champions and other Long Drive stars.

Owner / CEO
Art Sellinger

General manager – SPG Fitting Studio (Addison)
Frank Hartwick

General manager – SPG Fitting Studio (Roanoke)
Michael Nelson

National Sales Manager (Roanoke)
Buzzy Ketchum

Regional Sales Manager (Roanoke)
Dave Karp