NEW SuperSpeed Golf Training System – Long Drive Specific –

The SuperSpeed Long Drive training system is an essential element in any Long Drive professional’s training arsenal.
Pick up your set today and unleash your speed!




For the most powerful athletes to hold a golf club, our SuperSpeed Long Drive set is the perfect complement to integrate optimized overspeed training to your regimen.  These sets are optimized specifically for Long Drive professionals with club speeds above 125 MPH.  With XXX shafts, and maximum arc length, the SuperSpeed Long Drive set is a must have for anyone who wants to compete on the world’s stage.

Speed Matters. At every level of the game, higher clubhead and ball speeds lead to lower scores and more success.

Congratulations on making history Xander by winning the Tour Championship as a rookie! He began using SuperSpeed at the beginning of this season to regain lost club head speed after an injury.

Take a look at the average PGA Tour player’s speed compared to the 30 best players that made it to the Tour Championship.

What’s in the box:

  • SuperSpeed Golf LD Green “Light” Training Club
  • SuperSpeed Golf LD Blue “Medium” Training Club
  • SuperSpeed Golf LD Red “Heavy” Training Club
  • Introduction and instruction card

 Technical Specifications:



Overall Weight

LD Green “Light” Club


260 Grams

LD Blue “Medium” Club


290 Grams

LD Red “Heavy” Club


340 Grams

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 50 × 7 × 5 in