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Table Rolled Vacuum Cured Construction, we have minimized resin to maximize the dynamic recovery properties, tension, feedback and consistency in a table rolled composite KINETIXx® VMT loaded driver and long driver shafts, SOFT IN THE HANDS, ACTIVE IN THE HEAD..

featuring, our patented dual flex point, reactive shaft technology. DOWN RANGE PERFORMANCE BENEFIT: Increased Distance with Reduced Dispersion, as a function of increasing Ball Speed and lowering Clubhead Spin through the attenuation of rogue vibration modes inherent to prepreg table rolled composite shafts, for the purest kinetic energy transfer from golfer to club. This is the only full table rolled construction in the KINETIXX® loaded cache.

KINETIXX® VMT features the worlds only pre-loaded, table rolled vacuum cured nano-technology, amorphous fiber material application, in a golf shaft. Giving this shaft the distinction of having the lowest and most consistent resin fiber coverage and highest F.A.W.,

Fiber Area Weight ratio of any table rolled composite shaft on the market today. Delivering exceptional feel, stability and consistency. Contributing to clubhead performance specific to increasing ball speed and reducing spin in todays low spin drivers of conventional playing lengths as well as in long driver set-ups with playing lengths >48.00″ at high swing speed velocity.

KINETIXX® VMT (Velocity Multiplier Technology) features signature vibration control technology to the benefit of club speed and ball velocity. The active butt and tip quadrants are tailored to a progressively Stiff-X-Stiff middle quadrant that works as a reaction mass, Precisely located and tailored to recover the tip quadrant at the moment of impact, as a function of time and force, according to each flex. Producing an extremely Hard kicking lower half and tip, for increased ball speeds. Vacuum curing produces incomparable consistency, as never before achieved in a standard prepreg table rolled composite, combined with a smooth, extraordinarily stable bending profile.

Fits multiple swing types; short, medium, full and long backswings, narrow to wide arcs, having a smooth transition, either fast or slow overall tempo, hitters and natural to effortless swing profiles and players with preference to a heavier shaft, in the light weight to ultra light weight category. This is the lightest of all KINETIXX® loaded shafts.

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 50 × 5 × 5 in

Velocity Green (Stiff) LD 30+ 62G, Velocity Green (Regular) LD20 57G, LD50 XX


No, Yes


N/A, 48 USGA, 47.5 USGA, 47 USGA, 46.5 USGA, 46 USGA